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12 February 2022 9:00 am - 13 February 2022 4:00 pm


168 Walmar Road
Kootingal NSW

Introduction to Liberty (Level 1) Clinic

Join Dan Steers from Double Dan Horsemanship as he conducts a 2 day Introduction to Liberty Clinic (Level 1).

Dan Steers and Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship are well known for their inspiring liberty performances and now is your chance to learn their methods and develop your skills as a trainer under the guidance of Dan Steers.

During the clinic, participants will work through the ground control series. The series is based on safe, foundational skills to help you and horse start from the ground up. Dan believes that every horse and handler should confidently complete Level 1 regardless of their discipline, age or goals. This foundational program is used whether we are starting colts, working with problem horses or focusing on the next liberty horse. You will be introduced to the techniques and cues to help better communicate to your horse. It sets the boundaries for your horse to keep you safe and help you achieve the respect from your horse that you need to create that connection. Exercises will focus on moving the hindquarters, shoulders, achieving lateral flexion both at the stand still and on the circle and changing directions which we refer to as the switch.


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