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Double Dan Horsemanship are currently taking bookings for Shows and Clinics around the country. Double Dan Horsemanship - Dan James and Dan & Pia Steers are now internationally recognised as elite horse trainers and they travel the world sharing their training techniques and problem solving skills.

Double Dan Horsemanship Clinics

Ground Control

Ground Control is the basis of everything. Double Dan Horsemanship introduces revolutionary horse training clinics that change relationships between horses and handlers. In 2-3 days, you can have a stronger, more productive equine partner. From the ground you will learn the foundation techniques of all Double Dan Horsemanship’s remarkable liberty acts. Boost confidence with easy to follow ground control methods. Give your horse a relaxed softness in the halter.

Long Reining

Not only is long reining one of the safest ways to start a horse or work through problems, it is one of the easiest ways to teach your horse advanced manoeuvres like self carriage, collection, and the piaffe. During the DDH Long reining Clinic participants, will learn, practice, and work through the basics of long reining. The DDH Long reining series is based on safe, foundational skills to help you and horse start from the ground up. Both Dan James and Dan Steers believe that every horse and handler can benefit from long reining regardless of their discipline, age or goals. Both use long reining in everything from starting colts to working with problem horses to developing the next liberty horse. Through this clinic you will be introduced to their techniques which will help keep you and your horse safe while you progress through your long reining goals.

Body Control Under Saddle

Our Body Control Clinics help riders successfully transition from the ground to quite difficult body movements under saddle, while maintaining a well minded balanced and soft horse, that will be obedient to both the riders’ aids and cues. We start the clinic on the ground with the horse saddled and bridled and cover 5 major exercises that address the steering (direction) of the horse and motion (movements) of the horse. This is to give the rider skills and confidence to help work through whatever it is that they may find in a ridden situation. We then focus on the horses’ softness in the bridle and obedience to the riders’ legs. This helps us further develop our horses in both lateral movements and body control. All these exercises will physically and mentally prepare the horse for more difficult movements and manoeuvres.

Colt Starting

Using the training techniques developed and taught by Double Dan Horsemanship, Dan Steers has competed and won colt starting competitions worldwide. During this 5 day clinic you and your young horse will work one on one with Dan Steers and be shown how to apply ground control, desensitisation, long reining and body control under saddle to start a horse on a successful ridden career.

Cattle Working or Bison Working

Learm from basic horsemanship to advanced manoeuvres required to work cattle on horseback as well as working on manoeuvres for challenges. Learn step by step how to set your horse up for success in Campdrafting, Team Penning, Ranch Sorting or Mustering. Day One will be working on exercises to supple and soften your horse in the bridle and body through dry work patterns. These are aimed at your Working Cow Horse challenges, as well as setting the horse up for the Cattle section of this clinic.

Introduction to Liberty

Dan Steers and Dan James are well known for their inspiring liberty performances. From the ground this clinic focuses on the fundamental foundation techniques of all Double Dan Horsemanship's remarkable liberty acts. During the clinic participants, will work through the ground control series. The series is based on safe, foundational skills to help you and horse start from the ground up. Dan believes that every horse and handler should confidently complete Level 1 regardless of their discipline, age or goals. This foundational program is used whether we are starting colts, working with problem horses or focusing on the next liberty horse. You will be introduced to the techniques and cues to help better communicate to your horse. It sets the boundaries for your horse to keep you safe and help you achieve the respect from your horse that you need to create that connection. Exercises will focus on moving the hindquarters, shoulders, achieving lateral flexion both at the stand still and on the circle and changing directions which we refer to as the switch.

Kids Clinics

Dan James and Dan Steers believe it is important to start kids ridden career by learning to work with the horse and understand the biomechanics in a safe and practical manner. The kid’s clinics are centred around ground control and body control where we explain a lot about getting more control of the horse both on the ground and under saddle. When teaching kids about the horsemanship foundation exercises we try to incorporate in some games to keep the learning fun and interesting but also make sure that the philosophy of the kids that maintaining safety is paramount but the enjoyment of their horses is a close second.

Horsemanship Camp

This 5-day camp is a fantastic opportunity to spend not only working with your horse but also improving your horsemanship skills as well as meeting like minded people. This camp will take you through the fundamentals to achieve both softness and flexibility from on the ground to under saddle. This camp focuses on ground control towards liberty, long reining, body control under saddle and depending on availablity cattle and bison work.

To book - Call Kylie Barnsley on 0438 666 059 or email Enable JavaScript to view protected content.


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